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Abidjan is Côte d’Ivoire economic capital and Yamoussoukro being the administrative and political one. The city of Abidjan is the most populated city of West African speaking countries, it is also the second largest French speaking city intramural and the third largest city in Francophone Africa.
In 2014, according to the authorities, the city’s population was 4 707 000 inhabitants, 20% of the country’s global population and represented 60% of the country’s GDP. In the region, only Lagos, the former Nigerian capital exceeds the number of inhabitants. Seen as the West African cultural hub, Abidjan is experiencing constant growth, characterized by a strong industrialization and urbanization.


Abidjan lies on the south-east coast of the country in the Gulf of Guinea. The city is located on the Ébrié Lagoon and spreads over an area of 57 735 ha.
From the north to the south the city stretches over 12 kilometers and from the west to the east, about ten. Scattered all over the area, one can find rare and small islands, with a luxurious vegetation.
The superficy of the city of Abidjan is 422 km2, whereas the District of Abidjan is 2 119 km2


The city has a hot and humid sub-tropical climate, with a long rainy season (mai-june-july), a short one (September-November) and two dry seasons. The dry season starts in December and finishes in March.
Rainfalls is abundant: more than 1500 mm per year. In rainy season, it can rain continuously for day or intensely for an hour, followed by a very strong sunlight.

Temperature always averages the 27°C and the annual humidity level is superior to 80%


Since 2001 the city is no longer run by a city hall. On the decisional and financial level, Abidjan was erected in an autonomous district, comprising, in addition to the ten urbanmunicipalities, the three news sub prefectures of Anyama, Songon and Bingerville. The mayor’s office was replaced by a District governor, appointed by the President of the Republic, the current Governor is M. Robert BeugréMambé. Each of the 10 municipalities has its own municipal council headed by a mayor. The last mayoral election were held in 2013.

Abobo Commune of Northern Abidjan
Adjamé Commune of Northern Abidjan
Attécoubé Commune of Northern Abidjan
Cocody Commune of Northern Abidjan
Le Plateau Commune of Northern Abidjan
Yopougon Commune of Northern Abidjan
Treichville Commune of Southern Abidjan
Koumassi Commune of Southern Abidjan
Marcory Commune of Southern Abidjan
Port-Bouët Commune of Southern Abidjan
Anyama Sub-prefecture
Songon Sub-prefecture
Bingerville Sub-prefecture


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